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When it comes to being successful, no one comes close to the volume of sales that the Beatles obtained, not to mention their fame. Skill, talent and chemistry played a large role in their ability to become the most famous faces and voices ever known, but there was another secret ingredient which propelled the Fab 4 to the unimaginable height of success they achieved. This “secret ingredient” is carefully nestled in the lines of one their songs. “I don’t care too much for money, cause money can’t buy me love.”  In this line, they reveal that love is the goal, not money. While money can make you feel powerful, it’s really love which gives you the real power of living.

The success and fortune that the Beatles obtained was a result of a non-stop continuous effort to create, compose, practice, record and deliver, over and over again. At one point in their career they had 9 songs in the top 100 Billboard Chart. There were movies, worldwide concert tours, TV appearances and recording sessions. They weren’t in this for money, they were in it for the love. They loved the music they recorded and the fans who could not get enough of it. Each of us felt their love in every single song, that is how we embraced their tunes and sang them over and over in our heads, and then ran out to the stores to buy them.

Where and what can you do with this lesson? Where does “Love” come into play with your plan for success? Why do you open your doors each morning?

Maybe this recent event will help…

A few months ago I purchased a shirt from a National retailer. After removing the labels, I noticed a defect and brought the shirt back. Despite having all the tickets, the fact that I had lost receipt, placed me under suspicion, and after filling out and signing off several documents the store gave me a partial refund.

It took a few months for the “wound” to heal and I made another purchase at this store, this time a pair of pants. Lo and behold, after one wearing and one wash, the seams began to unravel. Armed with a bad attitude and a battle cry I headed back to the store, I was prepared to argue to my last breath!  I approached the sales associate at the return desk and just as I was about to vent my frustrations the sales associate said,

“How are you today? I see we have a problem with these pants, would you like cash, or a credit to your account?” Just as words of anger were about to leave my tongue, I reeled them back and in a high pitched voice said “cash will be great, thank you!”

Gratitude is best expressed when you get more than you expect.

I made an about face from the return counter and headed out to the showroom where I purchased a pair of pants, two shirts and socks. I happily spent 3 times more than my original purchase.

Yes, the Beatles knew the secret to success, “All you need is love.”


Marc Cohen

Eyeson Digital