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Are you taking full advantage of technology to serve your customers? With the nationwide adoption of 2-D barcodes on driver’s licenses, automated entry of customer information has taken a quantum leap! A process that used to take the average shop employee two minutes or more, now takes 5 seconds, with 100% accuracy. Because barcodes are digital information, the barcode scanner will either decode it successfully or fail. There is no interpretation of the data like optical scanning has to perform.

Because customer names, addresses and ID numbers are accurate the police do not receive erroneous data. Your employees are happier because their workload is reduced and most importantly the customer is happy to have their transaction completed faster.

There are other benefits to having 2-D barcode scanners at the pawn counter. 2-D barcode scanners also read 1-D barcodes. That means it can be used to scan other barcodes, such as inventory labels from items you sell, transaction numbers from receipts and pawn tickets, UPC codes, and serial numbers on TVs, laptops and anything else that has a barcode. It’s remarkable how often you will find them when you start looking.

Barcode scanners are easy to use, requiring almost no training. They are designed to work in retail environments for years, so they are durable and most are plug-and-play, meaning the computer already has the drivers so there is no setup. Your pawn software may need options added and settings adjusted to take full advantage of the barcode scanner, but that can usually be resolved by a single call to them.


Richard Lutz

Data Age Business Systems