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Local Suffolk, VA, pawnshop owners as well as precious metal dealers are happy about the new upcoming police regulations. Currently, pawnshops have to note every transaction by hand and deliver the paperwork to the police department, daily. What a hassle that has to be! Finally, when the police department receives the detailed papers, they then enter the information (such as serial numbers and descriptions of the items) into a state and national database for confirmation that the items have not been stolen.

The new software system the police is incorporating for their daily routine on this process is LeadsOnline. Pawnshops are excited about this new regulation because it makes the process faster, easier, and even more detailed. The software will be installed on the business owners’ computers, where the shop will be able to upload the item’s descriptions as well as a photo of the item and a copy of the person pawning the item’s I.D. The police department will be exposed to the information immediately after the business plugs it into the system. To search for stolen items, records can be searched either by the item’s information, such as the serial number, or by person.

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