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When it’s time to get rid of some unwanted belongings, should people look at pawnshops or eBay to gain a little cash out of their spring cleaning? Here is Hot City Pawn’s comparison.

The benefit for selling to a pawnshop is that you get to work with a pawnbroker face-to-face.

While selling online can be an attractive option, there’s nothing like dealing with people in-person. 

When bringing your items to a pawnshop you benefit from walking in and walking right out with instant cash. When selling through eBay, Hot City Pawn mentions that you will experience a longer wait time for a sale and you might even have to re-list your items a few times before they are finally sold.

While selling your items to pawn shops is convenient and hassle-free, there are some instances where you may opt for eBay. eBay allows buyers to bid on items and this can work to your advantage if the item is in high demand. Some items on eBay sell for a lot more than they are worth simply because two bidders get into a bidding war.

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