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How to solve printer issues caused by Microsoft security updates.

My Computer Works Partnership For Technical Support

If you are in need of technical assistance, we’ve made arrangements with My Computer Works to secure special pricing exclusive to PawnMaster customers experiencing this printer/network issue. Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability and a My Computer Works representative will reach out to assist you as soon as possible. We know you are not a technician, but accurate information will lead to a quicker and cheaper solution. If you need help filling out the following form, please call 1-800-681-4542 for further assistance.

In order to create a work order for a technician to come out to your location, My Computer Works will need to collect a credit card up front over the phone.

Pricing is as follows: $105/hour, 2 hour minimum, additional cost for cabling equipment if necessary. If there are limited technicians in your area (30–50+ miles from a major city), you may be charged an additional travel fee.

My Computer Works
My Computer Works Service Form

Use the date boxes below to indicate dates/times you have available for a tech to visit your shop.

In the field(s) below, enter the make and model of each type of printer you have, and indicate how many of each you have in the following box. If you have more makes and models of printer than fit here, please check the box below indicating you have "Additional printers to be discussed on call".

Enter your router's make and model in the fields below.

Max file size is 2 MB.
Max file size is 2 MB.

Please provide a point of contact for any billing or coordination needed onsite.


Additional Information

Data Age/PawnMaster has entered into this technical support partnership with My Computer Works specifically to dispatch onsite technicians to our customers dealing with this Microsoft Security/network printer issue. If you choose to call My Computer Works directly, be sure to mention you are a PawnMaster customer dealing with a network printer issue. This will help their team to assist you quicker, and also secure your special pricing as a PawnMaster customer.

All customers who opt to take advantage of this solution will be setup for network printing. Depending on your prior setup, this may print slower than you are used to. You may also experience frustration when your equipment goes to sleep or doesn’t respond for other reasons. Despite these potential setbacks, this network printing solution will allow your shop to print normally.

If your printers are USB only, you will need to be prepared to purchase new printers. Many new printers do not have drivers for Windows 7. If you need to replace your printers and have an older PC running Windows 7 or older, you may also need to prepare to replace your computer.

Once your work order is created, a technician should be out to your shop within 3–4 days, but depending on your specific needs, My Computer Works will do whatever they can to get someone out to your shop as soon as possible if your business is truly hurting.