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The two men, pictured above, walked into a South Side Chicago pawnshop, wearing black mesh “Chicago Police” vests. A woman in the pawnshop felt suspicious of the mens’ credibility and walked out of the shop to flag down a local officer. When the officer walked in to confront the men, they had two different stories. First, the men told the officer they are in a movie and the vets are their wardrobe on sets, and later charged the story to being security guards at the pawnshop, which the shop owner denied. The men were then arrested and later charged with impersonation of a peace officer.

If authorities walk into your shop, claiming to be local police officers, you have the right to ask for identification. If there is further suspicion, call the local police department and ask to verify the names of the officers in your shop. Thankfully, these men were apprehended before they were able to play out their intentions. Nobody was harmed.

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