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Fed Up Merchants File Lawsuits Over EMV Credit Card Chargebacks

Effective Security Goes Beyond Protecting Card Data

The retail enterprise is under siege from all sides. While the high-profile POS data breach still gets the lion’s share of attention, it is just one aspect of the cyber security war currently waging between retailers and digital criminals. In fact, stealing and...
Is Cashless Now King?

Is Cashless Now King?

The continued use of cash is surprising given its inconveniences and the risk consumers face in carrying it around. Love it or hate it, cash is increasingly playing a diminishing a role in the U.S. economy including the convenience store...
Is Cashless Now King?

Discover CEO endorses PIN security for EMV cards

Speaking last week at the Electronic Transactions Association’s annual gathering in Las Vegas, Discover Financial Services Chairman and CEO David Nelms dialed up the pressure to make EMV credit cards more secure through the use of a personal identification...