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PULASKI COUNTY, ARK. – On Monday night alone, Goodride Auto Care in North Little Rock had more than $25,000 worth of goods stolen, and in the last twelve days the shop has been robbed four times to thieves also stealing used tires. Now, it has gotten to the point where the shop’s owner and brother switch off staking out at night to make sure their goods aren’t being targeted, once again.

With tires and wheels it is hard to tell if they were previously stolen or not, ” [Thieves] are stealing wheels and tires because they know there’s no [serial] numbers on them, so there’s no way you can say they’re yours unless you have absolute proof, which is so hard to find.”

This has become a terribly unfortunate situation which is making its way throughout the region, “[So] if you buy any wheels and tires off the streets make sure you get their I.D.”

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