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This report comes with 3 messages:

1)      Be on the look out for these 4 suspects who are wanted by Police in a distraction theft.

2)      As the pictures show,it happens so fast . They file in one by one and innocently distract the sales associate.

3)      Camera placement is critical. If every inch of the showcase area is not in view and the actual “lift” cannot be seen, the case to convict will be weak.



On 5/10/2014 the Greenbelt City Police responded to Leo Jewelers located at 6000 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770 for a report of a Theft.  Officers learned the above suspect wearing the White shirt entered the store, while the suspect wearing the Black, and Orange jacket distracted, the store employee, reached behind the counter and took over $10,000 worth of Rings.  If you come into contact with any of the four pictured suspects contact Detective Holden at (240)542-2134 or (443)629-0366.