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When coming across this article, I knew I had to post it. Back in college, one of my public relations professors would continuously stress this topic: be there in real time (be active in your social media accounts and catch it when it happens,) respond in timely manner, and NEVER DELETE a negative comment your business might be faced with on social media. Clients and consumers want to be heard. When someone is posting a negative comment on your sites, they want to be heard and are asking for your help in solving their problems. How you respond to negative comments, is a reflection of your establishment. Consumers are always watching to see how businesses handle themselves in crisis and negative situations. This article did a really good job in giving you 7 (they miscounted in the article) easy, yet very effective, tips on what to do when you are faced with this situation.

1. Be present

2. Be there before it happens!

3. Respond quickly

4. Do not remove the negative consumer review

5. Offer a quick resolution

6. Take the extra mile

7. Blog it


Read on for detailed descriptions of 7 Tips here!