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This is such a great and well guided article. These 4 small business tips will truly make a difference in your customer engagement as well as the growth of your shop’s customer base. ”

“Q: One trick I have learned that really helped our business is to create and use a valuable e-mail list. We do it with our e-newsletter. This allows us to know who wants to hear from us. We don’t abuse the list, but we sure do use it. —Maggie”

The article goes on to answer Maddie’s question, and answers it well – might I add. Every tip explains why it would benefit the success of the engagement of your customers and goes into detail on where and how you can make these beneficial changes happen. These are the 4 Tips on How To Engage Small Business Customer:

1. Opt-in to get your vote counted or to share your opinion

2. Opt-in for contests, games and quizzes

3. Opt-in for content

4. Freebies 

Read on to find out why and how